Industrial Pieces FAQ
1. Q: How can I order your Industrial Pieces?
A: Browse through our industrial pieces and send your inquiry to

2. Q: What information should I input when ordering?
A: Send your complete name, address, and contact number together with your itemized order/s.

3. Q: What payment methods can I use?
A: To be determined

4. Q: How can I change the delivery address?
A: This is possible if the items were not shipped yet. We have delivery processing of 5-7 days for industrial pieces.

5. Q: What are the delivery charges?
A: Delivery charges are dependent on the shipment requirements. If the products on your order are due to special requirements, an extra fee will be added to the shipment charges.

6. Q: What are the terms and conditions?
A: You can see the terms and conditions at

7. Q: Can I cancel my order?
A: If you want to cancel your order, please do so as soon as possible. You can cancel within 24 hours of the receipt of your order. If we have already processed your order, you can’t cancel anymore.

8. Q: Can I return a product?
A: Please refer to our Refund Policy at