Our Story

What is Casa Somera?

Casa Somera is a simple husband and wife brand by Marvin and Iryne who love to cook and dine. Casa Somera aims to provide every family with a lifestyle that exudes elegance and luxury at affordable prices.

Our Why?

We believe that home is where the heart is, and it is the foundation to learn about ourselves and the world around us.

All our products are carefully selected and curated to help every family member experience the joy of homemaking. Why? Because we believe that a family, being the smallest component of society contributes to the whole. A family that lives harmoniously creates a kinder, more loving, more caring world.

What Is Our Future?

If you love cooking, dining, and entertaining guests, then we can say that we have the same DNA. At Casa Somera, we believe that going home and opening that door to family, relatives, and friends will give you the most unforgettable moments life can offer. And we have learned that the best home essentials will add to that big moment.

Decorating a home is always a journey, and at Casa Somera, we're on it, too. We aim to be the top-of-the-mind home and improvement company in the country. And we’re excited about our store’s journey. We’re not just thinking about ourselves, but we also consider the people that will be working for us. We will approach this journey with passion and commitment as we dare say,             

Live Luxuriously. Shop Economically.